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Williamsville, NY

Classy Chassy
Car Wash


Classy Chassy car wash is a multi-service wash facility offering not only exterior wash services but interior cleaning vacuum stations as well. This facility incorporates water reclamation technology to minimize demand of municipal services and reduce environmental impaction. This technology also prevents environmental pollution by automotive fluids by filtering these on site.

The design of the car wash follows two key design principles. The first is to follow the historic nature of Main Street. Situated at the entrance to the historic Village of Williamsville this was a major designing principle. The second was to display the simple elegance of the car wash equipment as vehicles move through the facility. Typically this movement is hidden from view rather than given a performance stage. Large windows on the prominent facades allow for the wash process to be seen from start to finish. 

At night the building comes to life further with illumination throughout the large arched windows to.

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