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Niagara Falls, NY

Dicamillo's Bakery


The remodeled store is in commemoration of the family bakery’s centennial anniversary, as it celebrates 100 years since first opening for business in 1920. The 30,000 square foot facility produces products for all five DiCamillo locations

Features of the remodeled storefront include:

• Updated flooring, lighting, ceiling, showcases, refrigeration and 

   freezer, and a new coffee/espresso machine

• Window installation allowing customers a view of the production

   crew at work, including an updated cake and chocolate production


• Indoor mural design by Jeff Herberger, digital signage, and new

   photos throughout the store featuring current and former employees

• Gelato ice cream production and sales

• New seating area for customers

• New gas-fired pizza oven in the store

• Branded merchandise for purchase

• Updated storefront signage and awnings

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